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Practice Areas

Family Law Disputes

The wide scope of legal matters that fall under family law can have a profound impact on the lives of both families and individuals. The Caldwell Law Firm can help answer any questions you may have and assist you through any complicated family law issues that may arise. We have experience in establishing child custody orders, child support orders, pre-nuptial agreements, and marriage separation agreements. Whether you are going through a divorce or trying to modify a child support order, the Caldwell Law Firm can help.

Military Law

At the Caldwell Law Firm, we understand the military and the pressures associated with serving our country. We understand how families feel when service members are mobilized or deployed overseas. Serving as a Judge Advocate General mobilized to active duty for three years and as member of the Army National Guard, Attorney Caldwell knows the language and the maze of regulations, that must be navigate when protecting your military career. Remember, the military will bring tremendous assets to bear on you as it investigates, prosecutes, and then punishes you for any proven illegality or impropriety. We stand ready to protect your rights and defend you, whether it is for a Court-Martial, NJP/Article 15, Administrative Separation Board, Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) or other military procedure. If you need representation to get a record corrected, fight a reprimand, or negotiate with your command on some other disciplinary or personnel action, the Caldwell Law Firm is here for you. 

Veteran's Law

Veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their families are forced to deal with many legal challenges and obstacles when trying to procure benefits that they have rightfully earned. From claiming benefits for a service-connected injury, to workplace discrimination, you deserve dedicated legal representation to safeguard your rights and fight for you. After placing your life on the line in service of our country, you should not be subjected to unfair treatment when you seek the benefits and the rights which are rightfully earned. The Caldwell Law Firm’s familiarity with all aspects of veterans’ law, from claiming disability benefits from the VA to pursuing other medical claims to employment discrimination litigation to protecting your family against eviction while you are on active duty. Contact the Caldwell Law Firm today to discuss your objectives and to learn about strategies we can use to fight for you!

Business Law

Whether your business is big or small, you are in business to make money. Business law issues and questions that are not resolved can grow from small distractions into the destruction of your enterprise. The Caldwell Law Firm advises and represents clients in a broad range of legal challenges commonly faced by small- and medium-sized businesses. You should not have to enter into important business agreements without experienced legal help. Do not face serious legal disputes on your own. Whether you are starting a business or ending one, or simply need the advice and counsel of an experienced business attorney our firm is here to help you.

Construction Law

Being a South Carolina licensed general contractor, Attorney Caldwell is uniquely qualified to identify and address legal problems that so often arise in the construction industry. The Caldwell Law Firm represents owners (both public and private), general contractors, sureties, suppliers, insurers, design professionals and construction managers in construction disputes. This representation includes mediation and arbitration of construction disputes, preparation of construction contracts, and representation of property owners. Also, we provide representation with respect to construction related issues having environmental impacts or consequences. 

Education (School) Law

The Caldwell Law Firm works with students from grade school to grad school in public, charter and private schools and higher education institutions. School law encompasses a vast array of matters, including important constitutional issues involving free speech, search and seizure, freedom of religion, and due process. In addition to dealing with student issues, the Caldwell Law Firm also represented teachers, administration and staff in contract negotiation (employment and reemployment rights) and disputes with the local school board and with teacher credentialing with the South Carolina Department of Education.

Injury Law

Injury law involves everything from slip and falls to auto accidents, to wrongful deaths caused by dangerous products. The Caldwell Law Firm will provide skillful advocacy to accident victims injured in many different ways, including dangerous roadway accidents, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, drunk driver collisions, wrongful death and more.

Criminal Defense

The Caldwell Law Firm is skilled in Criminal Defense litigation. We have handled many cases regarding traffic offenses, DUI offenses, domestic violence, and many misdemeanor crimes and other charges. Schedule a consultation today to find out if Caldwell Law firm can help you.

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